Katherine Bock

bio picKatherine Bock, J.D., PCC
Dallas, TX

214 349-5401


Katherine Bock, J.D., PCC is playing her Bigger Game by inspiring women to be their best selves – to become who they are at their very best, doing what they love and making a difference in their world.

She’s a self-described “recovering attorney” whose motivation in going to law school was to get involved in politics so that she could help make the world a better place. After taking a detour and climbing the corporate ladder to the top, Katherine realized that her ladder had been leaning against the wrong wall. Recognizing that she had lost her true sense of self during that climb, she hungered for something more compelling and transitioned into executive and career coaching. The question that Katherine asked and answered when she chose her compelling purpose was: “What would I do for free, i.e., even if no one paid for it?” The answer was career coaching and it just gets better and better. She’s utilizing her God-given talents and is sharing those gifts with others.

The part of Katherine’s business that gives her the most joy is leading beach and spa retreats for women to help them get out of their own way to live a life of purpose & passion.