It’s Nice to Honor Mother Nature

Have you ever strolled in the woods or walked on the beach and experienced a deep sense of serenity, peace, and oneness with your surroundings? I experience that on Lake George, when I give myself permission to actually slow down and just “be.”

There’s now science to support this common sensation. Several studies have found that being in places of natural beauty actually boosts our immune system, and lowers our heart rate and blood pressure. Just being away from your desk or work and in a quieter and more serene setting reduces stress!

At the recent Bigger Game Expo, Charles Holt spoke about his love of trees – and how he considers them an ally in his life.

Our allies truly can be everywhere and anywhere. We just have to notice them! I encourage us all to think of nature as an ally in our lives – and in playing our bigger games. Let’s all slow down and honor the serenity and beauty of Mother Nature.