Ellen Contente

EllenDr. Ellen Contente, DSS, MA, RScP
Los Angeles, CA

818 983 1853

While working in Corporate America, Ellen realized that most people (including herself) were living lives of quiet desperation waiting until retirement to enjoy their life and do what they loved. She watched her father retire after working for the same company for over 35yrs to ‘begin living’ only to die of a heart-attack one year later. She vowed that that would not be her path. Ellen founded Heart-Centered Programs, a coaching and training company devoted to putting ‘heart’ back into living. With her genuine warmth and supportive guidance, she helps people answer these questions:

  • Why wait to be Happy?
  • What are you Hungry For?
  • Who says you can’t find more Joy in your life NOW?

Ellen loves delivering the Bigger Game program to people because she sees the ‘light’ come on in their eyes! It motivates teams, inspires organizations, and gives hope to individuals to believe they can make a difference. She gives people the confidence to actively move forward and create the life they want to live now and supports them as they take BOLD ACTION!

As a professional trainer and coach, Ellen has worked with thousands of business people all over the United States. Here’s what some have said:

“Ellen is an excellent, articulate, organized and knowledgeable presenter.” – City of LA
“Ellen did an amazing job in getting us to work together as a team.” – RF MacDonald Co.
“Ellen had a very personable and friendly disposition.. thoughtful …nice sense of humor.” – Newport Mesa School District
“Ellen Contente is an inspiration.” – CA State University Fullerton

About Ellen: Ellen holds a Masters in Spiritual Psychology, is a Licensed Spiritual Practitioner, Life Coach, Keynote Speaker and Corporate trainer. She is the author of the upcoming book, ‘Lift your Spirits, Love your Life’. She resides in Los Angeles and is Bi-Coastal.

For a complimentary strategy session call Ellen at (818) 983-1853.