Comfortable, Content & Confident: Meet John Robinson

John Robinson was born a congenital amputee.

And he’s never let that fact stop him or hold him back. He’s never let his circumstances get in his way, and he’s dedicated his life to helping others with disabilities.

John’s Bigger Game has taken many forms. One of them is his Journey Along the Erie Canal, a 350-mile bike trek across upstate NY, designed to raise awareness for Americans with disabilities.

Through his company, Our Ability, John’s mission is to mentor, connect and inspire people with disabilities towards education and employment.

Most of us, I dare say, would not be as forthcoming as John if we were in the same situation. John is comfortable, content and confident with whom he is. Nothing stops him. “I’m proud of who I am, I’m proud of the body I’ve been given and I wouldn’t trade that for anything,” John told us.

“You have it within yourself to make whatever change you want in your life, to take bold action, to look at yourself in the mirror tomorrow morning for who you are and not for who you are not,” he said.

I couldn’t agree more (Hear more from John and watch the 3:00 min. video clip above). Click here to learn more about John Robinson.
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