Because I Said I Would

I recently learned about an inspiring Bigger Game called Because I Said I Would.

Because I Said I Would is a social movement and nonprofit dedicated to bettering humanity through promises made and kept. They encourage positive change and acts of kindness by sending “promise cards” to anywhere in the world at no cost.

How it started…
“My dad was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer on July 4th, 2011. The disease spread. On September 4th, 2012 my father passed away. Like any son, I want to remember the best of my father, but he was nothing particularly press-worthy. He wasn’t an award-winning author. He never met the President. He was no war hero. But what my dad did do was keep a promise. If he said he was going to do it, it would certainly be done. Too often we make promises, little and big, that we do not honor. It becomes easy to say, “I’ll get to it” or “tomorrow.” I want to remember my Dad and the promises he kept. I want to help others remember their commitments. I handed out promise cards for the first time at his funeral.” – Alex Sheen, Founder

As a nonprofit organization, Because I Said I Would executes charitable projects that inspire others to make promises that better humanity. They have helped the victims of Hurricane Sandy, sent children with cancer to Disneyland, raised awareness about the dangers of drunk driving and much more.

Click here to learn more about Because I Said I Would and their inaugural event in Columbus, OH on Sept. 6, 2014.