Susan Arnold
Raleigh, NC

Susan Arnold, CPCC, joined Excellerate Solutions as Senior Partner in 2011.  She has founded several businesses to guide individuals to maximize their personal and professional potential by tapping into their intrinsic passions, values and purpose.  Over her 20-year business career with Fortune 500 companies, Susan has developed the people and business skills necessary to address diverse issues and deliver outstanding results.  She is a leader with first-hand experience in the strategic, operational and financial aspects of running a business.  Susan has worked in the areas of teaching and performance models, operations, sales, and general management with profit and loss responsibility. Susan’s passions include long-term performance excellence, sustainable self-motivated change and leadership development.  Susan is a certified trainer of “The Bigger Game”, an organizational tool designed to align employees passions with their professional performance.  As a Transformer, Teacher, Healer, Susan coaches persons and groups within large, midsize and small corporations with dramatic, positive impact.

Susan lives in Apex, NC and has two adult children, Holly who lives in Boston and David who lives in Alaska.  She has many hobbies including classical solo vocal performance, cooking, gardening, exercising, camping and travel.