Melissa O’Mara
Tully, NY

315 427 0263

Melissa O’Mara is founder and chief catalyst at i3Activate, LLC, a network consulting, coaching and training firm addressing the role of people as both the greatest enabler and the greatest barrier to sustainable progress and large-scale change initiatives such as future of cities, resilient communities and future of healthcare and education. We use progressive methodologies and business practices to activate and inspire innovation and build organizational vision, strategy and capacity to accelerate lasting impact.
Melissa is a patent holder, a certified professional co-active coach (CPCC), a speaker, consultant, facilitator and coach for The Bigger Game, PresenceAtWork’s Collective Leadership Program, and the Purpose Economy. ┬áMelissa brings 27 years of corporate┬ásolutions and transformational leadership experience from her work at Schneider Electric, IBM and Andersen Consulting.