GS for linked in etcDr. Gillian Squirrell BA, MA, MBA, MSc, MS, CPCC, FRSA
Northern CA/ United Kingdom

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An inveterate Bigger Game Player herself, Gillian Squirrell’s career has been within universities and non-profits as a founder, senior manager, researcher, curriculum developer and evaluator as well as working as a coach and consultant. With a broad and deep base in the social sciences and management Gillian has a commitment to social justice and welfare issues and this includes playing The Bigger Game and coaching with people who are homeless as well as with industry and thought leaders.

Having found The Bigger Game, Gillian was quick to become credentialed as a trainer in order to lead workshops where the perspectives, processes and skills of playing bigger games could be shared, examined and absorbed. It is a deceptively simple series of concepts that have the potential for life-long and life-wide impacts for individuals, communities and our world.