Vicki Cummings Headshot IMG_2356 copy 2Vicki Cummings
Fenelon Falls, Ontario, Canada

416 302 2528

Vicki is the President and Chief Ignition Officer of Vision Co-Create Inc., a consulting, coaching and training company dedicated to empowering people and organizations to unlock their potential for growth and transformation through purpose-driven focus. Vicki believes is that with purpose comes achievement, fulfillment and happiness, and that leadership is a state of being and doing, not simply a title.

She is passionately driven by the magic and mystery of co-creating new possibilities through shared vision and value(s) and challenging the status quo. Vicki loves the Bigger Game model and philosophy because it offers a boldly innovative and fresh approach to personal and organizational development and is designed to excite, inspire and challenge players to explore and reconnect with their inner talents and creativity. Anyone wanting more fulfillment, meaning, joy and fun in their life will love this game!

With over 30 years of professional and volunteer experience in the for profit and non-profit sector, Vicki has been able to draw on a wealth of knowledge, experience, professional networks and expertise to find creative approaches to challenging opportunities.

Where ever you are, dare to play your Bigger Game!