Are you on fire with hope and passion, with big plans to play big? And life always manages to get in the way?

Well here’s the good news – you’re not alone. Statistics show that the vast majority of us are unable to follow through on what we start or accomplish what we want.
It’s so easy to get stuck along the way and lose sight of what we are really compelled to create. Instead we create many “comfort zones” that we think are real; actually, they are simply there to keep us from expressing the good work we truly wish to create.
And the other HUGE block is, “I do not have time to create what I dream about because I need to make a living.” I so get this, as this is very REAL and very TRUE and very important. And yet, if we keep hanging here our dreams start to die and our own inner, powerful self is lost in a sea of confusion, sadness and shame.
Here’s the truth… we can’t do it alone.
I’m boldly raising my hand to help you. My job – which I love – is to inspire, motivate and demystify so you can recover back to playing bigger, to live a life that is all made up, and to have fun in the process.
I’m excited to announce a new virtual training program that will help you refocus on what matters most to you.

Your Ultimate Success Formula
You’ll receive instant access to a total of 12 modules (both video and audio trainings).
Watch or listen to any module at any time – they are designed to be independent of one another, and will help keep you on track with creating and playing your Bigger Game. Each module is designed to unlock the blocks, pains, distractions and frustrations that keep you from finishing what you’ve started. You’ll receive instant access to everything, all at once (plus two bonus modules!), and can start at any time!
I believe that playing a bigger game will keep you activated with purpose, passion and power – and become fully engaged in this thing called life.
The training modules at a glance:

  • [Video] The Who Game - Allies on Steroids. The fastest and most effective way to get back in your game is through our allies - these distinctions are game changing. (43:17)
  • [Video] Not So Comfortable Comfort Zones. Learn the thoughts and behaviors that prevent us from making our Bigger Games real. Learn key tips on how to recover from these comfort zones. (27:08)
  • [Video] Getting Down & Dirty with Doubting & Drifting. Don't let your own doubt be a deal breaker as you create your Bigger Game. Discover the antidote to doubt and how to see doubt as a gift.(30:16)
  • [Video] Your Life is Informing Your Bigger Game Right Now! Everything happening in your life is an informant for your Bigger Game... rather than a distraction. This topic changes everything. (20:35)
  • [Video] Your 'Super Power' will Super Charge Your Bigger Game. What are you naturally good at that becomes your path of least resistance to success? If you're working hard and struggling, this training is especially for you. (30:28)
  • [Video] It's Time to Come Out About Your Bigger Game. Coming out about your work is very vulnerable and can be a complete game crusher. Discover how to find the courage to keep going when all you want to do is quit. (31:39)
  • [Video] Surprise Bonus Video! I can't help myself - there are actually seven (7) training videos and this one is a game-changer! (20:41)
  • [Audio] Everyone is a Leader. Learn the wisdom of Carey Baker (The Coaches Training Institute) as she shares the Co-Active Leadership Model. Her insights and distinctions will activate what is next in moving your Bigger Game forward. (59:27)
  • [Audio] Messaging & Marketing to the Masses. Media 2x3 co-owner Jess Ponce shares insights about packaging, messaging and marketing your Bigger Game to the world. (40:30)
  • [Audio] It's All About You, the Player. Rick's personal healthcare practitioner offers tips on how to keep your energy up while playing your Bigger Game. Learn about energy management vs. time management. (39:41)
  • [Audio] Your Bigger Game is Your Business. NY Times Best Selling Author Suzanne Evans went from secretary to a 6 million dollar business in just 6 years. She teachs thousands of entrepreneurs and startups to make millions while making a big impact. (42:55)
  • [Audio] Sales Soiree. Dale Sinesi owns and operates two (2) successful businesses and has studied the art of selling for decades. You'll discover how to activate the inner sales person that lives in all of us. (51:33)
  • [Audio] Secrets to Pitching & Funding Your Bigger Game. Entrepreneur John Livesay shares concepts from his book, "The Successful Pitch." You'll learn practical and immeidate ways to pitch and fund your Bigger Game. INC Magazine calls John the Pitch Whisperer. (37:51)
  • [Audio] Surprise Bonus Audio! Need to be re-inspired? Meet Dr. Christmas and learn how he followed his passion to success. This training will remind you that life really is all made up! (49:29)


Watch or listen to any module at any time and unlock the blocks, pains, distractions and frustrations that keep you from finishing what you've started. Receive instant access to everything
(including two bonus modules). That's a total of 14 training modules!



"The Bigger Game is an elegant and effective way to take ideas, dreams, and intangible goals and make them come alive and flourish with purpose."

Sean Magennis

Chief Operating Office, YPO-WPO

“I have been deeply touched by the work of Rick Tamlyn. His message is breathing new life into people and organizations all around the world."

Lynn Twist

Author of The Soul of Money and Co-Founder of The Pachamama Alliance


"I believe that playing a bigger game will keep you activated with purpose, passion and power - and you'll become fully engaged in this thing called life. If for some reason you are unhappy with the content of this program, just let me know and I will issue a full refund within 30 days of purchase." - Rick Tamlyn